Community Connection Newsletter

Welcome to the Township of Howell’s electronic newsletter, Howell Community Connection. This is just one of the ways the Township uses to communicate with its residents. We are excited to offer this method of communication.

Communication is one of our goals and our newsletter will serve as a supplement to our website, press releases, and our coverage of meetings on our government access Channel 77. We also welcome direct communication by email, phone, or in person.

Howell Township is a very diverse community with varying backgrounds and opinions. It is a combination of suburban subdivisions and rural farm areas, each with their unique interests and needs. We all, however, can agree that Howell Township is a great place to live. It is our hope that the Howell Community Connection will serve as a tool to provide official information that results in a better informed and involved public which benefits both the staff and elected officials.

  1. Should you have any suggestions or comments on the newsletter please contact Steven Fecher, Director of Community Relations, by email.