Division Responsibilities

The Engineering Division of the township provides all staff engineering services required by township departments and prepares, maintains, and preserves maps, and records of roads, utilities, and other public facilities owned by the township. The Engineering Division is responsible for the Sewer Utilities Department and the Housing Department. Additionally, the division is responsible for the Environmental Protection Division of the department and provides oversight on the Wildlife Management Committee.

The Engineering Division prepares, reviews, and approves specifications for capital improvements, and public works contracts, and supervises and inspects work performed.


The Engineering Division is responsible for ensuring that all development projects are constructed in conformity with the municipal ordinances and the Land Use Board’s approvals. The staff handles the administrative aspects of development projects including compliance with approvals, developer’s agreements, performance guarantees, utility approvals, bond reductions and releases.


The division also oversees the administrative functions of the Utility Department. The Utility Department owns and maintains portions of the wastewater collection system within the township. This system is predominantly comprised of collection system piping and pump stations. The staff reviews and approves utility improvement plans, typically tied to development projects, and conducts inspections accordingly.

Other Services

  • Coordinate the construction of approved site plans and subdivision applications for the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment.
  • Provide construction inspections (excluding buildings, which are inspected by the (Construction Department) for all new development sites in the Township.
  • Review and approve excavation within the right of way.
  • Review lot grading plans (drainage) for new in-ground pools, additions, etc.
  • Perform field inspections for all capital improvements, including state aid projects.
  • Coordinate with the Public Works Department on infrastructure projects, lake dredging recreation projects and sidewalk/curb program.
  • Management of the annual Road Overlay Program.
  • G.I.S. (Geographic Information System) data gathering/dissemination for public and private entities.
  • Coordinate with Lake Restoration and Wildlife Management Committee, i.e., Lake lowering; creation of walking trails; restocking of fish, etc.