Introducing the new sewer bill! We are slowly rolling out the new style billing. The first bill only has January and April’s quarters. The next bill will be mailed in June and will include a full year of billing. June’s bill, the new standard, will have July, October and the following January and April quarters. The due dates are not changing. Property owners have the choice of paying at the time the quarter is due or multiple quarters in advance. We have also included billing reminder stickers to help remind you through the year. This bill only includes the upcoming two quarters. If you have an outstanding balance please check online, at the township website, or contact our office.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Tax and Sewer Collection office at 732-938-5970.

Sample January 2020 New Sewer Bill

Sewer Bill Friendly Reminder:

Please note the following only applies to residential properties that have sewer serviced by Howell Township. Last quarter we rolled out the new format for the Sewer bill. Please remember that the bill had a stub for January’s payment and one for April’s payment. You will not be receiving a new bill for April’s upcoming quarter. Should you have misplaced the bill or, for any reason, do not seem to have April’s stub you are still able to mail in your payment. Place a memo on your check with your account number. If you need assistance, of any kind, please feel free to visit our payment website for account information here:, or feel free to call our office at 732-938-5970.

Mission Statement

The Howell Township Utilities Department shall provide our customers with the highest quality services at a reasonable cost, with the most responsible impact on the environment.


The Utilities Department runs and maintains 10 wet wells in the 65 square mile town. We also oversee construction of transmission lines and laterals.