Tax Assessor

Mission Statement

The mission of the Howell Tax Assessor’s Office is, and will forever be, to continue our efforts to maximize all services to the community which we are hired to serve. This includes, but is not limited to areas of deductions, exemptions, assessment appeals, and any and all inquiries about the assessment function. As statutorily stated a primary goal each year is to strive to maintain as accurate and equitable assessments as possible throughout the Township.

Howell Township 2021 20% inspections

Howell Township is under contract with Realty Data Systems (“RDS”) to perform an exterior and interior inspection of all properties for the Assessor’s records. This program requires a 5-year inspection cycle, and will require that all properties are inspected once during this cycle. Your property is scheduled to be inspected over the coming weeks, and there will not be further notice prior to your inspection. If you are not home during their visit, the exterior inspection will continue, and instructions will be left for re-scheduling an interior inspection. If the company does not gain access to your property, my office may be forced to estimate all interior information. Please be advised this may result in an error on your property record card. The municipal website contains detailed information about the inspection process.


The inspection routes are predetermined, but RDS will do their best to accommodate residents. Please be aware the inspectors will make a maximum of (2) visits. The RDS personnel will carry identification. Our office and Police Dept. possess all inspector background information, NJDL#, and automobile characteristics. If you would like to refuse the inspection, please visit; click APPOINTMENTS to select the refusal form. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

  • *Please note they do offer the option of a “virtual” interior inspection, as referenced in the original mailing to your property if you have would like to find out more about this option please visit

To see if you are included in the 20% for 2021 please click on the link below

Frequently Asked Questions – “Notice of Assessment” 2022

What is a “Notice of Assessment”?

The “Notice of Assessment” you are receiving is simply a notice to inform the property owner of the amount for which the property has been assessed for the 2022 tax year. In addition to the current assessment, the notice must reflect the property location, the property owner’s name and mailing address, and the amount of tax BILLED (not paid) for that property during the prior year. The law requires that notices be sent to all property owners after the Tax List is published in November.

If my assessment goes up, does that mean I will be paying even more taxes?

Not necessarily. The assessment function does not create revenue for the municipality. The Assessment function is only a distribution mechanism of the separately determined tax levy. In strict adherence with the NJ Constitution, this apportionment is to be based on the value of property.

What do I do if I have a question regarding the amount of tax billed for the previous year (2021)?

If you have any question regarding a tax “bill” or the amount of a tax bill, you should direct your inquiry to the Tax Collector. The Tax Assessor is not authorized by law to discuss the amount of tax dollar that you pay, or the bill itself. The Tax Assessor, by law, is authorized to discuss only the assessment, or “value” of your property.

How do I appeal my taxes?

You cannot appeal your “taxes” as your taxes are a result of the budget process. You can only appeal your assessment. The instructions for appeal are provided on the reverse side of the “Notice of Assessment”.

What do I do if I do not believe the tax assessment of my property is correct?

Your assessment should reflect the current market value of your home. The first thing you want to do is review your property record card by using the following link:

If you disagree with the total assessment you may file an appeal with the Monmouth County Tax Board. This can be done electronically, or filed via paper forms. The deadline to file with the County is January 15, 2022. The process involves providing three to five comparable sales (not a comparison of assessment) in order to prove that your assessment is incorrect. More information regarding filing an appeal with the County can be found on their webpage located here:


*New Offering For Assessment Review…

 If you believe your assessment records are incorrect or there is a problem with your assessed value Please see below* TIARA (Taxpayer Informal Assessment Review Application) 
If you, as a taxpayer in Monmouth County believe that the current assessment is inaccurate, TIARA provides you with the ability to register within the Tax Board Portal and submit a pre-tax year request to have your assessment reviewed by the Assessor. The system will have secure registration, property selection, email event notification and the ability to attach/upload documents/photographs in support of the claim. TIARA is meant to be a proactive public service that seeks to address assessment concerns BEFORE they become binding on the municipality.
To Access TIARA click here: Tax Board Portal
*Please note this is only available following the certification of the current tax year’s tax list (around May 5th) and before the commencement of the reassessment in September.  Any data or assessed value changes will only be applicable for the following year’s assessment.

Assessment Post Cards and Property record cards

Please select this Link to access Monmouth County Tax Board’s record search system. Please note, you have to select the proper district in Step 3 (Howell). Then you can look up by Location, Ownership, or Block and Lot. Submit search, then click on “more info” on the property, From here you will be able to see ModIV assessment data, and have tabs for Assessment Postcards, or Property Card.

Property Tax Deductions

The State of New Jersey offers a property tax deduction for qualified seniors, 100% disabled persons, veterans and their widows or widowers. Applications are available below and at the Tax Assessor's office, 4567 Route 9 North, Howell NJ. Completed applications can be mailed to the Howell Township Assessor's office, P.O. Box 580, Howell, NJ 07731.

Senior Citizens Deduction $250

Disabled Deduction $250

Veteran Deduction $250

100% Property Tax Exemption

  • The dwelling of a disabled veteran or surviving spouse / surviving civil union partner / surviving domestic partner of a disabled veteran or serviceperson may be eligible for exemption.
  • Income and ownership requirements are the same as the original deduction.
  • The deceased spouse had to be eligible for the deduction at the time of death and the surviving spouse must not have remarried.
  • Download the exemption application.

State Property Tax Benefits

There is also a brochure available from the State of New Jersey that provides an overview of property tax benefits.

General Information

  • Farmland Assessment - Filed by August 1 of the pretax year
  • Tax Assessment Appeals - Filed November 1st thru January 15th
  • Tax Collectors - (732) 938-4500 ext. 4330
  • The County Board of Taxation - (732) 431-7404 can also answer questions on your appeal
  • Tax Board Portal (for electronic filing of Income and Expense)