Fire Investigation


Fire Investigation consists of the investigation or cause to investigate every reported fire or explosion occurring within Howell Township that involves the loss of life or serious injury, or causes destruction or damage to property, with such authority being mandated by the Uniform Fire Code of New Jersey, such investigations are required to determine the exact cause and origin of all fires within Howell Township.

Investigation of fires also requires the taking charge of all physical evidence in order to preserve the fire scene, prevent access by any person or persons onto the fire scene and to work with other law enforcement agencies in the prosecution of those fire related cases.

Fire Fly

Another important function of Fire Investigation is the Bureau's Fire Fly Program. This program was designed to interact with juvenile fire setters and their parents to address the growing concern throughout the United States over the number of fires started by young children and adolescents. Across the country, communities are reporting that 40 to 60% of all intentionally set fires are set by children between the ages of 5 and 9 and a majority of these fires result in injuries, loss of life and significant high property damage.