Executive Board


  • 7:30 pm
  • Fourth Thursday of each month
  • Howell Township Municipal Building, 4567 Highway 9 North
  • Second Floor, Conference Room A.
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Minutes are available following approval.
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The Executive Board shall consist of one delegate member and one alternate member elected from each fire district. The term for each delegate and alternate is one year. The alternate member is to serve in the absence of the delegate member.


A Chairperson will be selected by the executive board for a term of one year. Upon completion of this term, the chair will rotate among the fire districts in numerical order. A Vice-Chairperson will also be established as the delegate of the next up-coming fire district to hold the chairperson position.


The duties of this board are to act as liaison between the Fire Bureau and the Joint Boards of Fire Commissioners. They act as a supervisory board on matters relating to the Fire Bureau including but not limited to recommendations with respects to staffing, policy and procedures, operations, department budgeting, prospective purchases and may offer recommendations as may be necessary. The Board will meet with the Fire Bureau Chief monthly to discuss issues relating to inspections and operations. This board may perform any other tasks assigned to the board by the Joint Boards.

Emergency Meetings

Should the Executive Board be faced with a problem which will require a discussion and vote by the Joint Boards of Fire Commissioners, the Executive Board shall be empowered to call an emergency meeting in accordance with the New Jersey sunshine laws. It will be the responsibility of each Executive Board member to notify their respective board members.

Record Keeping

Minutes and records of the Executive Board meeting will be recorded and distributed to all Executive Board Members by email, once available. Copies of all minutes will be posted in the Executive Board section of the Howell Fire Bureau website once approved.