Pet Owner Tips


License your pet according to your town's local ordinances. Attach the license tag to your pet's collar for quick identification if your pet gets lost.


Vaccinate all dogs and cats for rabies. Your local health department offers free rabies clinics throughout the year; call (732) 938-4500 extension 2152/2000 for more information.


Unless you are a reputable breeder, spay (female) or neuter (male) your animal. The SPCA has a low-cost spay / neuter clinic, call (732) 542-3125 for more information.


Keep all pets restrained to avoid harm to them from cars, other animals and diseases as well as to prevent them from damaging property or biting other animals and/or people. Leash all pets outside your property, and secure them within your property to prevent accidental escape. Travel safely with your pet. Never allow a pet to ride in the open bed of a pickup truck, and confine all pets in a crate or carrier inside the car (never put crates or carriers in the trunk).

Heat Related Issues

Never leave a pet unattended in a parked car during hot weather. Even with the windows open, the temperature can quickly become dangerous. If your pets stay outside during the day, make sure it has shelter from the rain, snow, and sun. Provide plenty of water, but don't leave a bowl of food outside (it can attract unwanted animals into your yard).

Wild Animals

Wild animals are never pets; abandoned baby, or any hurt wild animals should be left alone. Not only are wild animals unable to safely interact and live with humans, but may carry the risk of having rabies.

Choosing a Pet

Choose your pet wisely. Exotic pets (tropical birds, iguanas, or potbelly pigs) may seem exciting at first, but require special care and attention. Consider small children or pets that are already in your home before buying or adopting any additional animals.

Unwanted Animals

If you don't want your pet bring it to a shelter. Not only are abandoned pets unable to care for themselves, but can pose a risk to the community for bites and disease transmission.