Limo Licenses

Owner Fee: $50.00 annually

Driver Fee: $25.00 annually

Applicant must submit application form annually, as per calendar year. Applications can be found on this page. The applicant must also submit 3 (three) small pictures for the Police Department, Clerk's office and one to be attached to the Limousine license if they are to be the Driver of vehicle. The applicant must be fingerprinted and undergo a background check before a license can be issued. The applicant must submit a copy of their Insurance policy with specific wording. A copy of the application, along with all the required paperwork, will be forwarded to the Police Department for their findings and comments. The Clerk's office will submit the application, along with the returned Police comments, to the Township Council for their review and findings. When the Township Council approves all the information, the Clerk's office can then issue the license. Applicant must request application for this license from the Township Clerk's Office by mail, e-mail or telephone.