Paws Alert

This page is for listing notices for missing pets. Please submit information and a picture if possible to

and we will post the information. Please advise us when the alert should be removed.

This little dog seems to be lost.  Just wandering the street In Howell. Came across him on Windswept Lane  at 11:00 AM on Friday, July 30. He ran behind a house near 61 Windswept. Appears to be very well cared for and is wearing multiple tags.  Could not get close enough to view info.

lost dog 07302021

Bunny rabbit got away today from his tied leash. White male bunny with black spots on left ear. Name is Beans. Has an orange harness attached to a blue leash and long rope. Last seen around 4:30pm 5-11-21 at 245 Colts Neck Road - 732-938-5605 or text 908-692-6105


Phoebe is a super sweet cat and is not used to being outside.  She went missing from the Adelphia section of Howell on 10/28/20. Please contact me if you find her at 908-500-1306.


Piper is a one year old calico female and has light yellow and grey mottling all over her body.  She is very sweet and will roll on the ground to invite petting.  She has a very soft meow.  She disappeared very late Sunday night (May 31) and may not have traveled far from her home at 107 Plumstead Drive, Freehold.  Our daughter is heart-broken. Please call Nass at 732-513-7010 if you think you may have seen her.


Last night my cat got out. His name is Germaine. He is a 7 year old pure bred Siamese cat. He’s darker grey with blue eyes, about 8-10 pounds. Very friendly but could be skittish so don’t chase. Approach slowly. Area of Heritage Drive off of Friendship Road behind the new Lidl grocery store they’re building. Please call 732-962-8417 if you find him.


Chihuahua in the villages in Howell. Eight years old, name Tiny. Normally won’t go to strangers. Got out of collar so no ID. Could still have his brown coat on. He got out Monday morning December 16 at 7 o’clock. Belongs to an older widow; She is heartbroken. I’m trying to help. If anyone has a sighting or has seen him please call me 732–735–5080


Missing Cat. A security camera shows him heading toward Ford Road at 6 am on Sunday 12/1. If found please call 7322996784 or 7323065445


Lost dog “Little Bear” small pomeranian mix black with whitestripe on chest. Went missing from west second street on 3/16/19. Call Chris732-500-6032

Bear 031619

Domino is a long haired black and white friendly 2 year old male cat. He's an indoor cat who got out a window that we thought had a screen. We are devastated.  Please help us find our sweet Domino.  We will give a reward for your help.  Notable feature - big black fluffy black tail.  (Picture to be posted soon)

Missing is my 9 year old male morkie who goes by the name of Dexter. Please contact Jerry at 917-923-2635 If found. Thank you all!


Our cat was home the evening of April 16th, 2018, and we haven't seen him since. He is a male, around 9 yrs. old, he is fixed. His name is Elwood, and he's charcoal & black tabby with white underneath & on other parts of his body. He lives in Howell on Laurel Place. If found please call us @ 732-239-5584.