1. Clerk's Office

    Learn about the duties of the secretary of the township government.

  2. Community Development

    Find out about the divisions under Community Development.

  3. Community Relations

    Check out our parks and recreational activities.

  4. Court

    Learn about the functions of the court.

  5. Financial Administration

    Review details about the functions of payroll, accounts payable, and accounting and budgetary administration

  6. Howell Fire Bureau

    Learn how to prepare yourself before emergencies occur.

  7. Howell OEM

  8. Howell Police Department

    Howell Police Department

  9. Howell Township Television

    Howell Township Television

  10. Library

    Utilize the library informational, educational, recreational, and cultural resources.

  11. Manager

    Review the responsibilities of the Howell Township Manager.

  12. Municipal Alliance

    Check out local community evidence-based addiction and abuse prevention programs.

  13. Public Service

    Research license and permit requirements.

  14. Public Works

    Explore the many divisions of the Public Works Departments and learn how they effect you.

  15. Recycling

    Learn about curbside recycling, the recycling center, and educational opportunities.

  16. Senior Services

    Check out the services and programs offered by the Department of Senior Services.

  17. Sewer

    Read about service charges and details of the sewage system.

  18. Tax Assessor

    Explore the available tax deductions and benefits for residents.

  19. Tax Collector

    Review tax collection due dates, deductions, relief programs, and more.