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Posted on: December 29, 2017

Prepayment of 2018 Property Taxes - UPDATED - Extended Collector's Office Hours

Due to the extraordinary circumstances stemming from the changes in Income Tax laws, the Township manager requested that the Tax Collector’s office remain open until 3:00 pm on December 29.  In addition, our software company has made arrangements to allow on-line payments on December 30th & 31st for 2018 payments receipts to indicate the date payment is made.  Be aware that once this payment is approved on the website, it cannot be cancelled. The Tax Collector’s office can only accept payment thru 2018 taxes for 1st and 2nd quarters as billed.   All Taxpayers are by this notice notified that there will be no refunds made regarding these prepayments.

We  cannot guarantee delivery of mail and are not responsible for delayed payments made in this manner.  It is the burden of the taxpayer to provide proof of mailing to the IRS.
If you have a mortgage company responsible for paying your taxes, you must notify them of your intentions.  It is also recommended that you discuss this issue with your tax preparer prior to making payments.

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