Available Licenses

The Clerk’s office processes numerous licenses (billiards, coin operated games, junkyards, taxi/limo owners and drivers, mobile home parks, solicitors/peddlers, second-hand dealers, and certified massage therapy establishments). Fingerprinting is required for several licenses that deal specifically with the public. These licenses herein referred to start in the Clerk’s office with follow-up research / findings from other departments. When all the data is collected from other departments, this office is responsible for issuing the license(s).

Specific licenses require approval from the Township Council during council meetings. However, several types of licenses do not require Council approval. Master lists of all licenses are kept internally for reference and referral.

This office also processes raffle and bingo licenses for any organization that will be holding either a raffle or bingo within the Township of Howell boundaries. They are time sensitive and must be processed within a very specific time frame with the State Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission located in Newark.