Financial Administration

Department Overview

The Financial Administration Department is directed by the Chief Financial Officer. The Chief Financial Officer is the custodian of all funds associated with the operation of the Township as a government entity. Some of the functions performed by the Financial Administration Department are: Treasury Management, Debt Management, Accounts Payable, Annual Financial Reporting, Grant Administration, Revenue, Budgetary, and Accounting Administration.

The following Divisions of the Financial Administration Department are also overseen by the Chief Financial Officer: Tax Collection, Tax Assessment, Sewer Utility Financial Administration.

Payment of Accounts Payables

A properly approved purchase order will be issued for every item to be purchased. Upon delivery of the goods or service, the vendor should submit a bill. The bill will be compared to the order, adjusted if necessary, and a payment voucher will be mailed to the vendor for certification and signature. Properly signed payment vouchers are paid as closely as practicable to the 15th and 30th of each month. Payment vouchers should be received at least one week prior to ensure payment.

Payment of Developer's Escrow Funds

Releases to the developer will follow the above procedure only after the adoption of a release resolution by the Township Council.