IT Department

Mission Statement

The IT department is dedicated to driving innovation and offering first-class computing services and support to the employees and residents of the Township of Howell. We continually make an effort to apply the latest technologies and improve the quality of the services that we offer. We strive to facilitate the use of the latest technology in day to day processes to automate tasks for each department and also safeguard the Township's network and data. Our goal is to serve our township’s employees so that they can ultimately serve the citizens of Howell in a timely and efficient manner. We listen to and value each employee and intend to work together to contribute to an atmosphere of professional growth, job satisfaction, leadership, and an overall positive technological experience


The Howell Township IT department has many functions within the township:

  • Administers and maintains the township’s fully digital VOIP telephone network
  • Administers, maintains and safeguards the Howell Township network consisting of over 100 workstations and utilizing 15 state of the art blade and virtualized servers
  • Continually strives to implement cutting edge technology to help the employees of Howell Township efficiently serve its residents
  • Develop and maintain the Howell Township website
  • Installs and maintains the software the employees of Howell Township use to better serve the residents of the township
  • Maintain and operate the Howell Township HTTV TV station and community bulletin board