Public Works

Mission Statement

The Department of Public Works is accountable to the citizens of this Township and shall serve them in a responsible, pleasant and helpful manner, recognizing both the needs of the community as a whole and the residents that make up this Township as individuals.

Howell Township’s Department of Public Works (DPW) is comprised of several subdivisions: Administrative Office, Building & Grounds, Clean Communities, Fleet Management, Recycling, and Road Management. It is to these several divisions in which the responsibilities of infrastructure maintenance, public open space management, and municipal buildings maintenance are assigned.

The success of this department is contingent upon teamwork and accountability among its employees. Every employee of this department performs an essential role in delivering services to the citizens of Howell Township. Therefore, sufficient resources shall be provided to enable them to adequately plan, operate and maintain that which they are assigned to manage. Through continued education and training, Public Works employees shall receive the tools and skills required of this department. Professional and courteous performance shall facilitate optimal delivery of services.

The inherent duty of this department is to preserve and protect the Township’s major investment in its infrastructure so that the maximum possible benefit of its intended purpose may be realized. This department shall constantly strive to efficiently apply the best possible management and technology, while remaining fiscally responsible, to achieve the most effective results. 

Building, Grounds, and Parks Division

  • Building maintenance
  • Capital improvements
  • Cleaning of buildings
  • Maintenance and trash collection of Bus Shelters along State Highway Route 9
  • Maintenance of Aldrich Road Park and Ride
  • Maintenance of township open space and parks

Fleet Maintenance

  • Performs routine maintenance
  • Provides repair to all township owned vehicles and equipment

Recycling Division

Road Division

  • Collection of bulk trash
  • Collection of fall leaves
  • Collection of spring brush
  • Emergency road service and inspections
  • Roadway maintenance
  • Snow and ice control
  • Storm sewers systems including retention and detention maintenance
  • Street sign installation and maintenance
  • Street sweeping