Bulk Trash Collection

DPW Bulk Pickup Program Postponed

The Howell Township DPW Bulk Pickup Program has been postponed until further notice.  Presently, the Howell Township Recycling Center, located at 278 Old Tavern Road, is open 7 days per week 7:30am-3:00pm.  In order to keep the Recycling Center open, we need the cooperation of all of our residents.  Only the items listed as ACCEPTED can be dropped off, and placed in the proper bins.  

The items that are ACCEPTED are:  Aluminum and Tin Cans, Plastic Bottles (#1 and #2 pourable bottles), Newspapers, Glass Jars and Bottles, Flattened Corrugated Cardboard, Mixed Paper, Leaves, Brush, Automobile Batteries, Metal Appliances, Light metals, Used Clothing, Televisions, Computers, Monitors, and Laptops.  

Those that are NOT ACCEPTED are Food Trays, Aluminum Foil, Window Glass, Clothes Hangers, Glassware, Flower pots, Plastic Bags, Trash, Rechargeable Batteries, Household Batteries, Antifreeze, Cardboard with food or grease on it, Cooking Pots, Plastic Buckets, Plastic Clam Shell Containers (The type that contained fruits or vegetables), Concrete, Asphalt, Stumps, Bulk waste, Furniture, Grass, Tires, Construction Debris, Wood and Used Motor Oil .

Bulk Pick-Up Flyer

Bulk trash is collected by appointment only. The program runs annually from early April through early October. Please call the Department of Public Works office for specific dates as well as to schedule an appointment: (732) 938-4500 ext 2450.

The bulk trash collection program is for household items such as: furniture, carpet, appliances and electronics. We do not accept construction debris, hazardous waste, car parts, tires, concrete, brick or any recyclable items. Bulk pick-up is limited to one pick-up truck load per appointment.