Howell Fire Bureau

Mission Statement

The Howell Township Fire Bureau is dedicated to preventing fires through public education, fire inspections, new construction plan reviews, enforcement and comprehensive fire investigations in order to reduce the loss of life and property, thus improving the quality of life for our residents and business owners. We endeavor to create a progressive and safe environment that benefits all.


The Howell Township Fire Bureau is comprised of professionals who are committed to reducing and eliminating fire losses within Howell Township and the county. We are dedicated to this concept and to the thought behind our motto "Prevention through Education". We're a bureau who cares.

The Bureau's objective is to enforce rules and regulations as mandated by the New Jersey Fire Safety Code and the Howell Township Fire Prevention Ordinance.
  • Improving the safety of the public by promoting the control of fire hazards
  • Regulating the installation, use and maintenance of equipment
  • Regulating the use and occupancy of structures, premises, and open areas


The Howell Fire Bureau is a multi-function bureau divided into five specific areas of responsibility and service. These five areas are defined as:
  • Fire Protection
  • Investigation
  • Prevention
  • Public Education
  • Special Projects
Fire protection produces a decrease in the number of fires throughout Howell Township, and most importantly reduces the number of injuries and deaths caused by fire.

Information and Fact Sheets

Certificates of Occupancy

Effective as of November 2011 the Township of Howell only requires the issuance of a Certificate of Smoke Detector/CO Detector/Fire Extinguisher Compliance for a chance of occupancy (residential resale’s) as per the NJ Fire Code, Section 5:70-2.3; and a Township requirement of a letter of no interest. “CERTIFICATES OF OCCUPANCY ARE NO LONGER ISSUED FOR RESIDENTIAL RESALES”.