Fire Prevention


Fire Prevention consists of inspection of commercial / industrial businesses as mandated by the New Jersey Fire Safety Act. Businesses are inspected on a yearly basis with exception to some life hazard occupancies which are inspected every three months to assure compliance with the fire safety code, providing for the health, safety, and welfare of the public served by these facilities.


Businesses are inspected by certified fire Inspectors who upon discovery of fire violations, issue notices of violation calling for abatement of these conditions and conduct re-inspections to assure that compliance is achieved.

Life Hazard Restrictions

Fire Prevention also regulates the issuance of life hazard registrations and fire safety permits for the regulation of specific activities such as welding / cutting operations and dispensing / storage of flammable / combustible liquids.

Public Reports

The investigation of dangerous and unsafe conditions as reported by the public or other state and local departments in the form of complaints is also a function of fire prevention.