Mobile Home Rent Control Board

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  • 6:00 pm
  • Second Wednesday of each month (There are no Meetings in January and February) 
  • Main Administration building, main meeting room

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NameDescriptionTerm LengthTerm Expires
Lara Casper, ChairMember / Non-Tenant3 yearsDecember 2026
Chris Choate Jr.Member / Tenant3 years December 2026
Member / Non-Tenant3 yearsDecember 2024
Cindy Lou JordanMember / Park Owner3 yearsDecember 2025
Joan Butcher-FarkasMember / Non-tenant3 yearsDecember 2024
VacantAlternate Member / Tenant1 yearDecember 2024
John JordanAlternate Member / Park Owner1 yearDecember 2024
Gabriella ComesAlternate Member / Non-Tenant1 yearDecember 2024
VacantAlternate Member / Non-Tenant1 yearDecember 2024

Member Requirements

  • Chairman must not live in a mobile home park
  • Five members with three year terms
    • One park owner
    • One tenant of a park
    • Three residents (not tenants or park owners)
  • Four alternate members for one year terms
    • One park owner
    • One tenant
    • Two residents (not tenants or park owners)


The board members and chairperson are appointed by the Township Council.


The Rent Board's purpose is to regulate, control, and stabilize the rents in mobile home parks to prevent abuse and at the same time insure the benefits of balanced housing and regulation achieved by the licensing of mobile home parks and the limitation of their number and location.


  • O-84-55
  • O-12-1