Preservation Task Force


  • 7:30 pm
  • Conference Room B
  • Meetings held jointly with Farmers Advisory Committee Meetings
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  • Wendell Nanson
    Term expires: December 2022
  • Elizabeth Crombie
    Term expires: December 2021
  • Elaine Taylor
    Term expires: December 2025
  • Daniel Loughlin
    Term expires: December 2023
  • Janel Coughlin
    Term expires: December 2024
  • Jose Orozco, Alternate 1
    Term expires: December 2022
  • Evelyn O'Donnell, Alternate 2
    Term expires: December 2022
  • Rosemarie Bird, Alternate 3
    Term expires: December 2022
  • Sandra Solly, Alternate 4
    Term expires: December 2022

Member Requirements

  • Five members with five year terms
  • Four alternate members with two year terms
  • Two of the members shall also serve as liaisons to the Monmouth County Agricultural Board


The Township Council appoints members to the Preservation Task Force. The chair is appointed amongst the members.


The task force was established to preserve the Township's remaining natural assets, historical sites, and open spaces so that these assets will be available for the benefit of future generations as well as those residents who presently reside within the Township.


  • O-97-3
  • O-03-8
  • O-07-6