Bingo / Raffle Licenses

State Fees: Bingo Games: $20.00 each event

Raffles: $20.00 per $1000.00

Games/Wheels: $20.00 each

Casino Night: $100 flat fee

Township Fees: $20.00 per event

Applicant must complete three (one original plus two copies) Bingo License application or Raffle Application per event. Applications must be signed and notarized. Applicant must be in possession of current State I.D. and provide copy of same to the Township of Howell for their records. Applicant must pay LGCCC (Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission) State charges, which vary accordingly, depending upon the specifics of each event and Township licensing fees the day application is submitted for consideration. If raffle tickets are to be printed, a sample ticket must be provided. Tickets cannot be printed until approval is given by the State. Following the raffle event, Applicant submits a report of operations to the State plus any additional funds that are due. The three applications are provided to the Clerk's Office for finalization and forwarded as follows:

1. Original to LGCCC- for their review, comments and records.
2. Applicant- For their records and their Gaming License will be attached for public display.
3. Clerk's Office Copy- For Township records and follow-up purposes if necessary.
Application is available on Township website. PLEASE NOTE- Allow at least 1 month for processing, as each event has to be approved by Township Clerk and the State LGCCC Agency requires they receive all paperwork at least 15 days prior to event.