Mobile Home Trailer Park

Fee: $13.00 per Pad

Applicant must submit a Mobile Home Trailer Park application annually, which currently is in effect from January to December. Applicant completes application form and submits to the Clerk's office with the necessary fees (determined by size and number of Trailer Homes, aka "pads"). The fee per pad is presently $13.00 annually. Copies of the applications are sent to the Code Enforcement, Tax Collector, Engineering and Zoning Departments, along with the Monmouth County Board of Health, for their review, findings and inspections. When departmental findings/inspections forms are returned to the Clerk's office, all paperwork will be submitted to the Township Council for their review and approval. Upon approval by the Township Council, the Clerk's office will notify applicant as to the issuance of their license, which is to be displayed in a public area for viewing on premises. Copies of the license will be forwarded to all necessary departments for their records. All original documents and application are maintained by the Clerk's office for reference. The Tax Collector will submit tax papers to the Clerk's office monthly as proof that taxes are paid to date and in good standing. This application is available on the Township website.