Solicitor License

Annual Fee: $75.00

Waived: Veteran in good standing.

Howell Township entity.

Applicant must file a Solicitor License application annually, as per calendar year. Application fee must be paid upon submittal of application, and the applicant must provide three small (passport type) photos for the Howell Township Police Department, Clerk's office and one to be attached to the license for identification after final approval. Fingerprinting/background checks are required for all applicants. If edibles are to be sold, the applicant must first apply to the Monmouth County Board of Health and then the Township of Howell Board of Health for certification in handling edibles and/or food items. The application cannot be processed any further until proof of health certifications are presented to the Clerk's office and a copy of health certifications must be attached to the original paperwork in the Clerk's office. The application fee is waived for any veteran in good standing. A copy of the application will be forwarded to the Police Department for their review and/or comments regarding a background check. Upon receipt of the Police Department's positive review, the Clerk's office will issue a Peddler's license to the applicant. The original application is maintained by the Clerk's office for reference. A copy of the license is forwarded to the Howell Township Police Department for their records. Applicant must request application for this license from the Township Clerk's Office by mail, e-mail or telephone.