Applications & Forms

For residents' convenience, this page provides easy access to the Township’s most requested applications and forms. Should you need further assistance, please contact the appropriate department. Use the links provided below to review or fill out an Application or Form.

Please download the latest FREE version of Adobe Reader to view documents from this site or you may not be able to view or fill them out correctly.

Clerk's Office

*All Clerks forms are electronic for ease of use. Use the newest version of Adobe Reader to fill out and print the forms. OPRA requests can be emailed using the email link in the form.

Application for Appointment - Board, Commission and Committee (To Fill out and Print) 

Application for Appointment - Board, Commission and Committee (For Online Submission)

Access to Public Records OPRA (To Fill out and Print)

Access to Public Records OPRA (For online Submission) 

Applying for a Marriage License

Billiard Hall Application

Coin Operated Games Application

Do Not Knock Registry Application (To Fill out and Print)

Do Not Knock Registry Application (For Online Submission)

Solicitor/Peddler Application

Special Bingo License Application

Raffle Application

Taxi Driver Application

Taxi Owner Application

Limo Owner Application

Application for Junk Yard License

Application for Massage Establishment

Application for Second Hand Merchandise

Mobile Home Park License Application

Tort Claim Form

E-Cig License Application

Community Development

Significant Changes to Minor Work and Ordinary Maintenance Permits

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Construction Code

Request For Letter Of No Interest
Covid-19 Permit Release Form
Building Technical Sheet f110
Electrical Technical Sheet f120
Plumbing Technical Sheet f130
Fire Technical Sheet f140
Mechanical Inspection f145
Construction Permit f170
Commercial CCO Application
Certification Oath (Inside of Permit Jacket)
Permit Cover Jacket
Debris Management Plan
Debris Management Report
Demolition Requirements
Pool Package
Pool Barrier Information
Request for Inspections (Fax cover for Builders)
Chimney Verification - Replacement of Fuel Fired Equipment
Online Permits and Property Information (Separate login Required)
Framing Checklist
Field Copy Attachment
Deck Handout (IRC 2015)
Basement Diagram Page 1  Page 2
Air Barrier Checklist f392
Backflow Application
Non-Residential Development Fee Certifications/Exemption 
Residential Development Fee Form
Shed Guide



Plot Plan Application
Plot Plan Exemption Form
Road Opening / R.O.W. Excavation Permit Application
W-9 Taxpayer ID Form
Freewood Acres Information


Landlord Registration Application (To fill out and print for mailing)
Rental Certificate Application (To fill out and print for mailing)
Rental Inspection Checklist
Lead Safe Maintenance Sheet
           Department of Community Affairs (Find an approved contractor)
Lead Safe Certificate Application
SDL Housing Portal (For online submissions only)
Real/Vacant property registration form

Land Use

Land Use Application
Banner or Wind flag Permit Application
Clothing Bin Permit Application
Outdoor Display of Goods Permit Application
Portable Storage Container Application
Sign Permit Application
Tree Removal Application
SDL Land Use Portal (For online submissions only)

Planning Board

Concept Plan Review Application
Notice to Professionals
Planning Board Application Package

Zoning Board

Temporary Use Permit Application
Notice to Professionals
Zoning Board Application Package
Developer's Permit Checklist Non Residential
Certificate of Nonconformity Application

Fire Bureau

SDL Fire Bureau Portal (For Online submissions only)

Adopt a Hydrant Program

School Fire Drill Form

Fire Bureau Permit Application

Certificate of Compliance For Smoke Detectors Application

Guidelines for smoke detectors & carbon monoxide detectors

Guidelines for Fire Extinguishers in your Home

Sample of approved size and type of fire extinguisher

Request For Letter Of No Interest

Fire Safety Business Registration Form

Tent and/or Cooking Permit Application
Request for Time Extension

Smoke Alarm Request and Installation Form

Township Manager

Block Party Applications must be delivered or mailed (Not Email) to the Township Manager's Office one month before the event date.

Block Party Request Form

Community Relations

Refund Request Form

Program Evaluation Form

Public Service

Cat Registration

Cat Registration and Renewal (Apply and Pay Online)

Dog Application

Dog Application and Renewal (Apply and Pay Online)

Food Handlers Checklist

Park N Ride Application (To Fill Out And Print)

Park N Ride Fee Schedule

Septic Permit

Well Permit

Swimming Pool License

Body Art Establishment Application

Temporary Food License Procedures

Public Works

Field Use Application

Echo Lake Pavilion Rental Form

Park Usage Application

Office of Emergency Management

Hazardous Materials Disclosure Form (To Fill Out And Print)

Hazardous Materials Disclosure Form (For Online Submission)

Police Department

Information Record Request Form

Firearm ID Cards & Handgun Permits
Howell Township Police Department ORI Number: NJ0131900

Tax Collector

Request for Bank Code Removal

Change of Address (Tax Assessor)

Request for Lien Redemption Figures

Reminder Tags (Taxpayer Use)

Reminder Tags (Sewer Use)

Form for Prepaid Taxes