Paws Alert

This page is for listing notices for missing pets. Please submit information and a picture if possible to

and we will post the information. Please advise us when the alert should be removed.

Domino is a long haired black and white friendly 2 year old male cat. He's an indoor cat who got out a window that we thought had a screen. We are devastated.  Please help us find our sweet Domino.  We will give a reward for your help.  Notable feature - big black fluffy black tail.  (Picture to be posted soon)

Missing is my 9 year old male morkie who goes by the name of Dexter. Please contact Jerry at 917-923-2635 If found. Thank you all!


Our cat was home the evening of April 16th, 2018, and we haven't seen him since. He is a male, around 9 yrs. old, he is fixed. His name is Elwood, and he's charcoal & black tabby with white underneath & on other parts of his body. He lives in Howell on Laurel Place. If found please call us @ 732-239-5584.


Found large charcoal and black tabby cat in Oak Glen development.

(If this is your cat, please contact )

Lost Chihuahua, 5lbs, Julio. Very timid will run if chased! Lost near Evergreen Place, Pine Needle area Please contact Sara at 848-245-5958

Missing cat in Ramtown section of Howell. Vicinity of Orchard Court and Roberta Drive. Mimosa is a snowshoe siamese cat with white paws. She got out of the house around 1:00am on 11/18/17. Please call (732)-208-0267 if found.


Lost Dog - "Peaches" - Last seen on September 6 2017 in Jackson. She is just over a year old. She is brown black and white. Peaches is a mixed breed between beagle pug terrier. 732-850-3041.


Found Cat - Very friendly male cat found 7/8/17 in Howell NJ. Had been hiding in woods behind my house, now staying on my patio. Keeps trying to come in door so I think he was someone's pet. Has white bib and white paws. Good appetite. Please call Denise at 732 364 6651 if you own this pet or know the person who does. If no one claims him, please call if you are interested in adopting him

07102017 Cat

Missing Cat - Lost my small, gray, male cat while taking him to True Care Veterinary Hospital on the corner of New Friendship Road and Route 9. He got the carrier opened somehow on the walk in and jumped out and ran toward Sonic. This happened on 7/9/2017 at 1:00pm. He is semi feral and afraid of people. Please call us at 732-363-3581 if you see him.

Found Cat: Young male cat was found. Email
05242017 Cat
I have a lost calico kitten. Her name is Cali. She is a very scared cat when outside. Last seen on 9 Brunswick Circle Nowell NJ 07731. Please contact me if you find her. 848-469-1927.