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Howell Township Tax & Utility Collector
4567 Route 9 North, 2nd Floor
P.O. Box 580
Howell, NJ 07731
Phone: (732) 938-4090      Fax: (732)414-3233

Office Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm except Holidays.  Please visit the Township Website for a listing of Holidays.

TAX Due Dates

February 1st, May 1st, August 1st, and November 1st.

SEWER Due Dates

January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, October 1st

*10 day grace period applies to both Tax and Sewer. *Post Mark dates are not accepted, payment must be received in our office by the last day of the grace period.  Interest will be charged back to the original due date.*

FEES AND CHARGES FOR ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS: Please be advised that E-Check payments can only be made via the Internet. A flat convenience fee of $1.95 per E-Check transaction. Credit Card Online will be charged 2.95%  Credit Card in office will be charged 2.65%

*Convenience fees are retained by the service provider and are not paid to, or shared with, Howell Township.*

INTEREST: The interest listed on delinquent amounts is calculated to the date of payment.  Interest must be paid in full and will be deducted first before any monies are applied to Taxes.  Once interest is deducted, monies are applied to the oldest balances first.  Please contact our office for future interest calculations regarding sewer balances.

Payer Responsibility: The current property owner is responsible for payment of Tax or Sewer charges.  The Collector is not responsible for payments made in error.  It is the payer’s responsibility to confirm the account is the intended account to be paid prior to confirming the payment.

MUNICIPAL & THIRD PARTY TAX LIENS: Municipal & Third Party tax liens cannot be paid online. All redemptions of liens must be made through the tax office with certified funds. Redemptions figures may be obtained by clicking here and filling out the Request for Lien Redemption Figures. The first two requests will be calculated at no charge any additional requests will require a fee of $50. Any Lien holder requesting calculations will be required to send in $50 per request.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Howell offers the following payment options for your convenience:

E-Check and Credit Card online payments though this site. In Person during normal business hours - Payments can be made by cash, check and credit card.

PROPERTIES IN BANKRUPTCY:-Tax accounts that have an open balance at the time of the bankruptcy filing may have those balances transferred to a special charges account. Any taxes transferred to a special charges account will appear paid on the regular tax account, but will be still due and owing under special charges. Properties in bankruptcy cannot be paid online.

SPECIAL CHARGES ACCOUNTS: Special Charges accounts contain balances that are due in addition to the regular account. Please contact this office at 732-938-4090 to obtain further information on accounts that are noted as having special charges.

REFUNDS: Once taxes are paid online, refunds will not be permitted. If monies paid result in an overpayment of taxes, please contact this office for assistance. Please make sure you are paying on the correct account prior to making payment

TO ENTER THE ONLINE TAX ACCOUNT LOOKUP AND PAYMENT SECTION: To enter the Online Tax Account Lookup and Tax Payment section you are stating that you have read the above items regarding the convenience fees that will be charged for online payment, as well as the information regarding tax account lookup and the disclaimer, and agree to continue under those conditions.

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