Current Registry of Licensed Peddlers/Solicitors

Up-to-date listing of peddlers/solicitors who have received a 2022 license from Howell Township. Licensed individuals have been finger-printed and submitted to background checks. All licenses expire on December 31st of each year.
​Updated 11/23/2022

Cool Concessions
Peter Hamouroudis

Infused Ice Cream
Richard Miranda

Shore Ice Cream
Brian J. Perry

Jasmine Ice Cream
Maria Sacramento

Mister Softee
Daniel Pittman
Kona Ices
Kim Walter
Jeff Walter
Alexis Walter

Weaser's Ices
Bruce Winland

Davey B's Ice Cream
David Burke
Good Choice Realty
Chanie Friedman

Home Smart Realty
Bella Eizenbach

Trinity Solar
Vincent Wyckoff
Michael Andreula
Richard Kuerzi
Jamil Robinson
Four Points Realty
Simcha Salomon
Charles Klein

Sun Run Solar
Christopher Griffin

Coldwell Banker Realty
Thomas Donahue

Grizzly Solutions
Emmanuel Nchako
Hakan Karahan Realty
Chana G. Cohen

Power Home Remodeling
Brandon Pallante
David Silverman
Ryan Grzeszcazak
Jonathan Green
Robert Snyder

H2M Associates
David Marsden