Affordable Housing Maps

* Potential Affordable Housing Sites Map

* Tyrpak (ML-14) Concept – Additional Lots Included: This proposal represents the development concept moving forward.  This allows for more orderly development and ingress and egress from additional lots on West Farms Road (Block 144, Lots 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 ) in accordance with Ordinance O-22-12.  This proposal represents development in areas with slopes less than 20% and does not include traffic connections onto Tyrpak Road and Stuart Street.  This is only a concept drawing and is not a final development map.  A full subdivision application and review by the Planning Board will be required before any approval or construction. 

* Tyrpak (ML-14) Concept – Additional Lots Excluded:  This proposal is the alternative development if Block 144, Lots 8-12 were not available for development.  More development would occur in the center of the site and areas of slopes in excess of 20% would need to be impacted.  Also, without direct ingress and egress onto West Farms Road, traffic connections would be required directly onto Tyrpak Road and Stuart Street.